Yes I get tired especially with the heat. But I am always determined to be healthy and feel good! Just because I am over 40 doesn’t mean I feel that I want to let myself go. It’s not even a thought in my head. I feel if we take care of ourselves we can look beautiful as we age.

Take care of your skin and hair. Fuel your body with proper nutrients. Definitely work out and maintain yourself!

I feel we all have beauty and e need to embrace it and embrace ourselves! Believe me I am my own worst critic, so I am hard on myself . I do analyze my thinking and I meditate or read when I get too critical! I am telling you this because I am human I have faults but I strive to be the best version of myself.

So I know what it is to struggle with fitness, health, and mentally staying positive and focused! I would love to hear about your day, your struggles, and of course your accomplishments !

We are all part of the human condition! We should lift each other up!