I love the holidays … love is all around!

I have always loved the holidays. I love the lights the decorations the energy and the love that’s all around. I have friends that are very much Bah Hum Bug. It saddens me because they notice the rushing, the impatient shoppers, and more. Yes that is around. But I choose to see the love around me and in people I see.

I recently said to a friend and I truly believe we can choose to see the negative things because they exist or if we just change or perspective and open up to love. They might surprise themselves and get the holiday spirit.

So if anyone of you are Bah Hum Bug please open yourself up to the love and positive energy! You might enjoy and be grateful that you did!



I didn’t think it possible for it to feel colder today. But today I can still feel the cold in my bones and I have been back in my home for an hour. Stay warm. Cuddle your family. Cuddle your little humans with fur. Definitely enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Thanksgiving .. I was able to see such a joy it warmed my soul!

Today I stopped by my friend Joice’s home. Her family is blessed to be very talented with music vocally and instrumentally. As I was in the hallway before entering I heard such beautiful singing and guitar playing it filled me with joy. It wasn’t just the beautiful music but to know Joice her family and her friends were enjoying such pure happiness and joy during thanksgiving brought me such joy and happiness. We see so much In the news and see such chaos around us. That moment was all I needed to fill my soul knowing the peace and love that’s all around us. That is what makes life so special.

I felt like I was walking in on a movie set. But it was real life and real love, real joy. That moment made me thankful because I got to experience it for s moment snd it warmed my spirit. Love really is all around we just need to be open to it snd we see and experience it when we are least expecting it.

So many things happening all good

I have so many good things happening but not ready to totally share yet 😎.

All I can say and express is when thing happen in life loss and grief and hen that long time after you feel lost. One day you wake up and know things can and will get better. You just keep getting up living life and one day things just start to look up. Things start to seem better, brighter, and you realize there truly is light at the end of the tunnel you have been in.

So anyone going through tough times of any sort I know from experience life is great and things do get better. I hope any of you who think there’s no hope I want you to know there truly is.

Have hope and faith and you will be ok.

And I wish that your journey brings you peace and happiness.


My little wolf pack

I love when it’s cold outside and warm inside. I love when I go to bed and wake up with my dogs right next to me. We are cuddled like an Alaskan wolf pack.

But as soon as I move to show I am awake game over. That is the sure sign to wake up and they turn into bunnies jumping on the bed and jumping on me. But still it’s better then an alarm clock.

Animals are one the best gifts on this planet wild or domestic. They are majestic and can put a small on some of the grumpier people I have known. And can warm the heart of some of the tougher people I have met.

Animals create a bridge a connection between strangers. It’s an amazing thing. Just thinking about it thought I would share.

I don’t mind the weather

I love the fall but I also don’t mind the coolness or rain. In fact I love rain. Of course we are having a rain nor’easter and for some people that isn’t good if they are near the coast. But for me it’s rain and cool. I have the windows open a crack with candles and incense going. It’s the one thing that makes my type A personality relax.😎☔️☔️☔️

My take on Gluten Free

My take on gluten free lifestyle. This blog is based on my experience not knowing the scientific data and info on the subject.

I have always done low carb high protein diet. But I wanted to see if there was any take on gluten. And to my surprise there is validity to how my body react to it.

When I stopped gluten it made me feel less sluggish and less bloated (puffy).

Then after a few months of mostly gluten free I can say not all. I did notice when I consumed gluten and within 24 hrs I belt a bloat.

So for me I see a difference. Now I am not gonna say I will have a 100% gluten free lifestyle. But I see how it can affect my body and I feel better In general. So I will be aware of my gluten intake. I have to be honest sometimes if I have a craving for something then I have a craving. Simple as that!

Just a side note when gluten free products first started being main stream the cookies were horrible. It was like eating cardboard. Happily I can say I love Tate’s cookies gluten free. They are so good that I can’t believe they are gluten free! Yum !

My favorite lotion since I was 16

I have been using Nivea lotion since I was 16. I have always been told I have soft skin. Until someone pointed it out I didn’t realize not everyone’s skin is soft. I think it’s due to the fact I have had the same lotion regime for years. After I shower I use Nivea essentially enriched lotion on my body. I also put it on my feet and socks on at night. If you look up the history on the internet about Nivea it’s quite interesting. I figured since people kept saying something I should share the lotion I use.