So I am yoga certified now. I started running again.   I started my greens again!.. I am already in days feeling better!

The photo below is me on full greens!  And I am on a mission!  We all go throw ups and downs of maintaining and we get tired or things happen. For me it was family loss and I was a rut.. Well now I am back my health and happiness.  And I didn’t believe ten years ago that something could you make you feel so good and help your body so much.

But as you see below It does!  So join me in doing your greens.. Because how many excuses can we find not to but drink it in the morning and see for yourself.. The bonus about this is it tastes good.  Ten years ago it didn’t lol…


So we all change like sands in an hour glass.. But visualize your goals for health and wellness.  How do you want to feel? How do you want to look?  When you want something you can do it.. Positive attracts Positive..  And there is nothing wrong with getting your 8 servings of veggies a day!