Presence Yoga

This video was posted in an email from, on Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014. It shows an animation of a variety of yoga poses, but only shows the skeleton, as one might go through a specific asana sequence. It is beautiful, in an appropriately “Hallowe’en-y” way. I encourage you to watch it! Enjoy!

Here’s what the email from had to say about this video:”Courtesy of Hybrid Medical Animations comes a high-tech “visual study/exploration of the body in motion.” The goal of the animation was to create a realistic representation of x-rays, while also capturing the beauty of various yoga poses. Looks like they hit the mark on both accounts.

In creating this 3D animation, no x-rays were actually used. No one was exposed to radiation in any way, shape or form. It’s all just animation — sophisticated animation that somehow manages to show “proper bone densities and represent actual…

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