Cleaning omg

Talk about de-cluttering my life. You never realize how much more organized u can be if u focus on one small area at a time. Wow!

Now I have to sand my doors and repaint them tmrw. I thought I would curl up in a ball and not move when grandma passed away. But I feel as if I can’t stop doing things getting back into things not being in a rut. So I have to believe she is always with me. I already do believe that but I do more by me getting up and loving! I never thought I could but I am. I have a huge hole in my heart and always will because part of me is gone. At the same time she’s not!


Wanting to write a book of all my years and adventures not to start or to focus it 

So I have had tons of adventures experiences food and bad. Recently ,y grandmother passed away and it made me really start thinking about all the good and bad and great things throughout my life. Things I would love to share but how to begin. From childhood n it was always something. For me I hate drama but it seems it’s always dramatic in my life.  Ever since was a child it was so,etching. I am just trying to figure how to begin. From being pudgy and picked on. To hard time with family which is now much better. To loves and loves lost. To friends and friends lost. Ups and downs with life in general besides lol the great modeling  and traveling there is much more to share.  I am not sure to get a ghost writer? Find a publisher I don’t ant to write in circles. To be honest that is kind of what I always did in high school and college. If anyone has advice or know how I am welcome to hear it.

I am always happy for my friends successes! This time for a longtime friend Farrah Santelia for opening her own beautiful hair salon!  “Embrace U Salon”

Farrah is amazing Colorist and stylist.  She has been doing my hair for over 14 years.  She not only does my funky style but she has an amazing talent for understanding where each of her clients wants to convey and present to the world.  She is great at relating to each individual’s personality.  Let me go back to the beginning of how I chose to go Farrah. Red is a hard color to keep bright especially with highlights.  I called the salon she was at during that time.  I heard it was good salon but I wanted to speak to the colorist because I am pain in the rear when it comes to my hair.  I questioned her and actually debated with her over reds.  I thought wow this girl is making me mad I have to meet her lol!  She was fisty and confident spoke direct. I can appreciate confidence and someone being upfront with me in a direct way.  So I said ” I want to meet you, and come in for a consult”.  So I did. I liked her she knew her colors and I went to Farrah for my hair. Then small world she knew people I knew and as time passed we became friends. She got married has two beautiful children and has flourished.  She went to another salon and then decided to go off on her own.  She had her own space at Solas in White Plains, New York.  As she flourished she just moved recently to a beautiful location in Upscale Dobbs Ferry, New York. I had the pleasure of being there the other day.  A beautiful Salon looking over the Hudson River.  I am so happy and proud of Farrah.  As a friend and client I have to say she’s an excellent colorist and stylist for all types of styles and personalitys. 

I highly recommend going to her.  For those who want to refresh their look or maintain what they have.  She has a golden personality and a way with making everyone satisfied and happy!  Below are photos where of course my hair is cut and colored by Farrah Santelia.

Embrace U Salon,  27 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, New York 

Online booking :


She also will have someone for lashes.

She also does airbrush tanning.

Each yoga journey is different for each person which I knew but….

I love you. When my father was in hospice I needed something to keep me sane. I am a total type “A” personality and anyone know me knowhatout me. I am happy that way. The emotions I was dealing with were intense and I have always been able to keep that under hVe and de wit on my own. But this was my dad the decisions  with his care were my responsibility. I  I was also on pain medication from a car accident for a very long time. And his many of you know a lot of doctors these days keep you on these medications for way too long so I took it upon myself to the side that yoga would be good for me physically and mentally he for my body and my mind.

I loved it it was something amazing I never thought I would love it. So many of my friends loved it and suggested it to me for several years I resisted because I just didn’t think it was something I could sit and be OK with my wanted to move I wanted to do I wanted to be active.

After my dad passed and I went back downstate towards the city I decided to take some yoga classes I loved it. I took myself off of the pain medication because amazingly yoga really does work at relieving your pain I feel that in the future many people should try yoga instead of pain medication. Shortly after I decided to get certified as a yoga teacher.

With yoga your always learning it’s not just get certified and you done. You reach new insights, enlightmentments, and “ah hah” moments. This week I was injured  and I was tough on myself I was upset because I couldn’t do yoga because I hurt my hand and my foot.  Mentally I feel guilty I felt like I was letting myself down I was punishing myself and then I realized tonight when I came home from the hospital that it’s a process and I have to except that sometimes there are bumps in the road.  We are all human things happen life happens and today I learned I can’t be hard on myself it’s OK when things happen and it slows you down maybe there’s a reason and a purpose a lesson to be learned.

I’m not saying it doesn’t bother me but I am saying I except it and I’m trying not to punish myself for an accident that happened and injury and hopefully spiritually and mentally I’m going to grow from this experience.  The reason I’m saying this is I’m sure I’m not alone we are our own worst enemy and our mind can really jugver and over hen tree is nothing we can do about the situation. Go easy on yourself we are all human we are all in the human race so I guess I’m just telling this story in case one of you is being hard on yourself. Ou are not alone and it’s OK go at your pace and be happy. Know you’re trying and know that things happen for a reason. Namaste!

Been a while 

Been a while.  I had two emergency surgeries thank god I am doing well. I couldn’t stand not working out or doing my yoga. I did however get a lot of reading done you can always see that on my goodreads page.  Great app that I love. It has reading challenges and suggests books according to what you read. It’s definitely a positive form of social media in a motivational and enriching sense.

A little about me

I have been in the entertainment industry as long as I can remember.From cosmetics,photography,certified in Laser Hair Reduction from NSI in
Scottsdale, Arizona. I am also certified in Chemical Peels.I currently havemy RYT 200HR Yoga Certification from Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, New York. I
was also was certified November 2015 in Barre Yoga and Glide Board workout.
I am currently studying to get my Personal Trainers License.
I have An AA from Hudson Valley Community College with focus on computers
and theatre.

I have Double Major Bachelors Degree for Psychology and Marketing.
I am outgoing and yet still shy.I am an upfront person and I believe all
humans deserve respect and love. As humans we still look for that human condition even with todays technology. I think we are all different and I
respect that about each other. I enjoy bringing out the good in people and making them feel good out about themselves.

I had a hard childhood and teenage years fitting in and can empathize with children and teens quite easily. I was raised by my grandmother so I have a love and respect for the elderly. I have a lot of friends that are in one form of recovery or another so I understand that plight. I want to make a difference. Showing my emotions have always been hard on me probably through all my life experiences. When it comes to empathy and compassion I have

I owned my own modeling and  promotional agency at age 21.I was a silent partner in a printing company in NYC for 3 years. I have published two books. I have always written poetry. Done vocals for various dance music Done Radio and spokesperson for several different companies.

I have been a spiritual person since I was very young. During the time tha my father was passing. I discovered Yoga.  It grounded and centered me. It opened me to a community of great people, opportunity, and friends.For thatI am forever grateful.

I was certified in Laser Hair Removal In Scottsdale, Arizona. I not only
want to make people feel good on the outside but spiritually and mentally on the inside. I am currently looking into getting my aesthetics license
because in the this and some surrounding areas most places want you to havethat as well.

I also do photography and makeup.  I will be starting my airbrush makeup
course at Kett Cosmetics in April. They are a company I have been excited toward and train with as wel. As you can see I am a very creative person andI enjoy anything that makes us feel at one with the earth and brings peoplethe ever so changing human condition together.