Not perfect

far from perfect. I have my faults I am human. I can say through experience that the mistakes I have made have made me a better person. I am more compassionate and empathetic where when ignorance was bliss I wasn’t. I pride myself on one thing honesty. Some would say I was a biatch bc I am too honest. But something my mom instilled by grounding me for lying for a whole summer. I learned to tell the truth. And to me that is very important in all relationships friends or otherwise.  My intent is good and again I can admit I am selfish some times too much. I am also vein I had aging at all. But who doesn’t lol. I just want people to know there really is so much more to me then people know. I am true July baby a cancer 🦀.. Hard on outside but truly soft on inside.🙏🏼

Knowing all along and not caring..

/sometimes people comwninto your life. You know not everything is True. But they are generous and at times you somewhere deep inside they see you for the person you are opening up, being funny, wanting to enjoy life. But meanwhile they don’t care and their life’s piles up and the shock hits you first. But then you know you realizes all along. Ifanok bc it’s not on me iranon the person who has been living a life of lies for years. And now I believe in fate, karma, and liars the dark always comes to the light. So o am food just when people say you find one or two real friend in life. It’s so true!