My dogs I have used the same cleaners for 20 years with all my pets explained how important to keep that same type of product w my dogs because they lived long healthy lives

I said not cheap toxic crap. If anything dawn dish detergent. Well I just found out tonight “yes I used dawn until I ran out” well guess what Fucko! Go get more or wait to clean the floors!

Don’t expose my dogs to commercial grade cleaner!

And when I said it gets into their feet they lick their feet this knuckle head said it doesn’t get in their feet , Hello! Dogs skin and feet soak things in just like humans. Now mind you this is a person that doesn’t brush his teeth but maybe once a day and never ever uses skin care which is absolutely insane to me!

I said what about face wash or toner!

Nope a caveman and now the caveman exposing my dogs to commercial grade cleanser and he was diminishing it saying it was “detergent”!!!