I miss New York more than you could imagine. I am a New Yorker and proud of it. I never knew how much I would miss New York but I do beyond any imagination. So I heard from a friend I haven’t heard from in a few years. Just hearing his voice and just talking about coo it made me so homesick.

Texas is a nice state people are nice. But I don’t find anything appealing at all. I know I feel bad but there isn’t anything that holds me here except I moved here and all my stuff is here. To move home is a huge Juno. But omg I just thought

Klohe Kardashian didn’t like Texas and maybe it’s an Armenian but hint but I don’t like Texas either/ when I am not working I don’t do anything bc I don’t have any desire to know or go to anything Texas related.

So what I need right now is some miracle to get me home get me where I belong bc I don’t belong here!