See I am Armenian my people were almost wiped out and most Armenians in America can trace their roots to those rescued by the French Navy ! Only like 5641 were saved. I come from one of those saved! Armenians in America most of us come those Saved. Those almost exterminated by the Turks. Until recently no one acknowledged this happened. than you Obama band Pope Francis. I was moved when both of you acknowledge this!

Then after us were the Jewish people tortured murdered raped and almost wiped off the Planet by Hitler and we all know he was a Narcissist and a psychopath!

Now we have Putin deceiving his own people about what’s really going on. Trying to wipe out the Ukrainians! So yes I am passionate and my heart actually hurts. Aside from my heart understanding when it comes down to it no one has the right to take another persons life! I truly believe that! What they are doing to civilians. Women, children, anyone that can do what we hear about doesn’t belong in this world because how could they lay their head in a pillow at night? How can they be a husband? Wife? Parent? Knowing what they are doing to human beings! Forget they are Ukrainian !! How can they do what they are doing!

And all of us sitting here listening and wat hang the news !! How dare we!

Air in the sidelines!

Decide what to do “juat in case” Putin is going to threaten us!

Here is the thing we can’t say he’s gonna stop with what he’s doing with the Ukrainians!

Yes!! He’s j threatening us because we are helping.

But for me sitting on the sideline is sorry to say a “pussy” move!

How can we live with ourselves by not doing anything? Something more!

As vials beings we have a duty to our human race no matter nationality religion color of skin to sex!

We have an internal obligation moral compass to do the right thing! I don’t know anyone in the Ukraine but I will stand by them even if my life is at stake. I am not a soldier, I don’t know how to use a gun, I love my animals more then humans, but I know right from wrong and this war is wrong! The rape of women is wrong! The killing of civilians is wrong. So whatever political spin you put on it. Honestly I don’t give a SHIT! Human beings have a inherent right to live breathe and die as they choose and I respect that. So here is my question what are we the onlookers the other human beings going to do? Just watch?

Or take a risk that Putins threats are real and take a. Han w because the right thing to do is to step in!

Not sit on the sidelines like some pussy!

Sorry I am blunt honest and real!

People may disagree but that his their inherent right! I respect that but me I lose sleep thinking about wvwry human being animal and more whose world is not going to bed at night and sleeping but crying, fear, loss and more!

O pray for the Ukrainians and I pray for the Human Race and of course Animals!

Hate me love me but I am mr and here ya go !

🙏🏼Namaste and my heart love and light goes to all who are repressed hurt and not defended!