Ok I was Independent of any corporation job for years. Now I work for corporate implant. I love my job. That’s not what this post is about.

Read the article about climate change. I honk about this. I worry about this. I try to do my part. But I worry how many people care. The worst part is this generation that is hooked into their phones and Twitter and Instagram so they realize this is more serious then can be explained in words. After seeing how this generation has no dedication to each other as friends (meaning they talk about each other and rat other people out). They do not really understand the world of ride or die or the world of you for your friends back!

And knowing this seeing this in the I guess you can say regular world scares the crap out of me!

Because these people are supposed to lead our future, our world, our country, whatever!!

I truly in y heart or hearts believe they don’t get it won’t get and never will get it.

I believe we lived and grew up during great years, great times, but the new generation is so glued into their phones to realize they have to look at what’s real and what’s in the internet!

I am sorry if I offend anyone but I am scared shiless because like they say where I come from “Shit got Real”!!!

Wha do you think??