Yes my hand is killing me from the bite swelling and me being right handed and bit into my right hand. Y the end of the day today I could hardly move my thumb and two fingers gets. The antibiotics are helping.

Now I have to say I have a free day tomorrow so I am binge watching bridgerton season 2 and omg I am so addicted! It is a slow start type of show but you get addicted! At least I am!

Tmrw I get to go running again Whoo hoo. It was a month I didn’t run bc I had all these crazy out of the blue health issues. But I wonder are you like me when you don’t work out not only do you feel guilty, but I feel so much better when I work out! I feel happy alive just a better person in general!

Anyway let’s hope we all have a happy and healthy spring! Be positive treat others kindly and try to be the better versions of ourselves!