I was up late tonight obviously, but I am a true true Clutz. I was in bed saw my phone wasn’t charging went to untangle my cords as I did I don’t know what fell bc all of it did. On a side table I had all my jewelry show cases in. Well boom boom and the glass broke!

All over! I had to clean that up remove the items that were on top. Take the side table to garbage. Then I had a side table in my guest room and fixed everything on that side so all my little lights and books and bibles were good to go in their place.

Here is the thing all I was doing was untangling cords and boom boom boom.

I have always been bad around glass but now this crap is getting ridiculous.

I don’t have to worry about decluttering my house and stuff are doing it for me. So here is the real question is that a blessing or a curse? Lol