I am in Texas and they don’t prescribe my anxiety meds. So I drive to dry cleaners on my way to work. I was also gonna go get a health drink and salad. I come out of dry cleaners go to my car. Brand new battery. I have never had a key fab. I am used to a regular key. So I put it in the hole press start. Nothing happens. No sounds no clicking nothing like you would get and know what is wrong with your car.

The lights on the dashboard radio everything work juat wouldn’t start. I had to find a way to work and I did but I was shocked and freaked out bc I am used to being independent l, always the driver, always in control. I am in Texas no mass transit.

Wr t yo work and I actually did great in sales even though my brain was w exploding full of thoughts.

I really believe in the evil eye and I have little things happening that don’t happen to me. So I am burning sage cleansing my aura, my dogs, my house and tmrw my car!

I am praying it’s something small bc after the pandemic I am barely above red.

So say a prayer for me and I hope things work out!

Triple aaa towed it to a local garage who are good people so let’s hope and pray for the best!