So it was in the 50’s today. I’d I was in New York I would of said it’s cold. But here in Texas any day that’s cool is the beat day ever. Look I love the heat. I was in Greece and it was 104 and New York gets that hot too! But seriously Texas is another ball game. When I first moved here the guy at the welcome desk in my gym said “oh when he sweat all under your clothes everyday you will eventually get used to it. Now mind you I only would swear a bit in my neck and my chest and that’s when I worked out and ran. Well here one he was right! I literally sweat from my neck to knees here. I mean seriously omg to someone that never sweat and now I am bath of gleaming sexy sweat but still sweat on f I freak! Lol

This state is like another planet not another state lol!

But right now I am in my Josie air conditioning on at 62 and it’s 47 outside! Like omg lol I have to laugh at this shit!

But still any Greek diner owners please move to Texas I will tell you a few places to open diners bc you will bank make money like no other bc there are no diners here! And seriously if the people here knew how great diners were they would be like WTF! But if you move here and bank like k think you would then I want 20%! Lol