I have been around two and hip hop since came out. I remember queen Latifah (LaLa) ,UTFO, Roxanne Skeezer Pleaser and let me tell how it began was off the hook and where it is now off the hook!

But for all the new homies let me tell you, you need to know your history all the triumphs everything! Now Tupac and Boghie Smalls they made waves but Queen LaLa, LL Cool K all of them paved the way for what you listen to now! And I sit back in awe where things have come full circle.

At the end of the day I saw it emerge, transform, and become something beyond great.

What’s even more amazing I am middle eastern and Scottish American citizen but my crew New York and Jersey bound that was my crew my family my girls! And you know who you are. You guys are my beat memories for real for real! Let’s keep climbing expanding and sharing what we know is the real deal to the ones after us bc when I ask them about UTFO they hey have no clue! wTF, I seriously mean WTF! (Break dancing on card board boxes). It doesn’t get more real than that! Peace ☮️ peace ✌️