I am a huge animal lover. I never saw myself like so dedicated. I grew up w a bunny, two dogs, two cats, and a hamster or Guinea pig and a parrot growing up in upstate New York. But as for responsibility I didn’t understand. I had my hairless card sage a Sphinx and then I got two shihtzus. I grew up in albany with big dogs I couldn’t imagine loving little dogs. But in the city it would be cruel to have big dogs.

This the shihtzus. And when I moved here I had Buddha my OG Shihtzu and then kush and KoKo my newbies.

New York isn’t friendly w dogs. I fought in court to keep my dogs! I was ruthless and I was a bitchy. But I got my boys.

Then I came here to Texas. Texas ia dog friendly ‘ when I tell you dog friendly dogs can come in shops here just like California! So when I point out a great thing about Texas it’s they are dog friendly! That warms my heart and makes me happy because if you know me you know I will save an animal before a human any human!

I am a tough hard to get to the middle core loving middle person. I am tougher then I look and I can be mean. But w animals all bets are off!

I would risk my life for my dogs or anyone else’s!

So Texas gets my shock and awe and respect like straight up respect! Bc being an animal loving and animal friendly state that is the bomb digging