I love my neighborhood and I love a lot about Texas. If I could I would go home. I never knew I was such a New Yorker until I moved to Texas. There was so much I didn’t like about New York! Omg you have no idea!

Then I moved to Texas and I realized I am a real New Yorker I actually love New York and everything about it. We are honest maybe too honest other people think it’s harsh. But to me don’t ask me the truth if you don’t want it. Bev I will give it to you.

The food there are no diners in Texas! They think a diner is dennys and omg if you are a person from New York New Jersey or Connecticut you know what a Fucking diner is!

Oh yeah and swearing us New Yorkers swearing is an adjective a verb and a noun! How the fuck are you? Where the fuck have you been? What the fuck are you doing? As my family says I drop F bombs! Here one peopme look at me and I am like I don’t give a fuck! You fucker!

And then here is the kicker ok anyone tails you on New York that’s. Problem! And we handle that I will leave it at that!

Here they tail gate you where you can’t even see the car they are so close to you. I am even referring to the highway ! The swerve on and out race don’t use blinkers! They are insane and honestly need a good old fashion New York beat down!

See I have to be careful bc these people Carey guns. But put it this way if there is a situation (which hasn’t happened yet!!! ). Your gonna yell and put them in their place. Well they carry guns and being a New Yorker you are in a New York mindset and don’t think about that in the moment. So I may end up being shot or whatever bc I have a temper and I don’t like stupid assholes! So there is definitely gonna be a situation it’s inevitable!

So we need more New Yorkers jersey and anyone else that behaves and thinks like me yo move here!

Property is cheap! Life to live is cheap! We need more of us to come here but property and turn it into an extended Burroughs!