I do my acting and radio appearances etc but I also work for the company Coach! Great great company to work for! Well besides people trying to steal. And that’s messed up! I mean some people really have nerve! Showing stuff down their pants! Up their skirts you name it! I was so dizzy and nauseous tonight!

I didn’t let anyone know how bad I was feeling but mngr knew! Have no idea why I am getting really really dizzy lately. I have never fainted but I felt like I was gonna if that was gonna happen I was so scared!

I Was on my break I stayed in the store bc I did try to go to my car to rest. I was scared to be alone that something would happen!

I need to find out what is going on with me! I am not a person who gets sick! I work through everything! So embarrassing that my coworkers were asking if I was ok. I try to be background noise !

But I am grateful they are good human beings and care to ask!

Let’s hope I am ok! And I am so so appreciative that they cared enough to ask! That brings a tear to my eye!