Yesterday kind of freaked me out and there was more drama with that. But I am sure you sont want to hear it.

So to get my mind relaxed lol I cleaned! I cleaned a lot! I don’t show I care many times but I do. Especially for animals.

All I have to see briefly is be honest about your pets you need to prepare people are gonna care for your babies. Sometimes we have spoiled, anxious, or aggressive pets just like some people have aggressive kids. but to forward someone is the right thing. If someone doesn’t know what they are walking into how can they care foe your babies properly. And if the person can’t or doesn’t w at to care foe your babies bc of a trait then don’t put them or yourself in that situation.

I love animals and last night was hard bc I risked basically the chance of being harmed bc I couldn’t leave the animals in crate. I got no apology or “I am sorry that happened” from owner. That tells me more about them then the pets