As you knwo I love animals. I occasionally pick up a side gig with Rover. Well I was booked for the weekend I met the owners and the two babies ahead of time they were sweet when I met them.

I asked bc they were rescue Pitt bull mixes if they were aggressive at all. I was assured they weren’t. I always like to trust and not doubt. I have never had an issue with a pet I got there ans has to take the two babies out so the crates. Well the one was extremely aggressive showing all teeth and I definitely was scared I would get mauled.

I was shaking like a leaf. But I love animals and wanted them out to eat and be ok bc I was staying the weekend. So I take them out and give them their food. I was told to put their shock collars on while they were eating. Yes, I questioned this and was assured this was when to put them on.

Again the one Pitt mix faces me showing all teeth. I knew not to show fear but we both know they saw it.

The owners were on a flight to Colorado for a wedding. Instead of apologizing or anything they just abruptly said “put them in crate we will have someone come to them.” Ok they were rescues, on anxiety meds, not sure what they went through in their past. I should of gotten sorry this happened we have someone coming. Nope. That was the last text put them in crates” “we have someone coming”

I don’t like leaving animals like that, even aggressive ones. bot to mention the lock code didn’t work on either door to get in. They left door unlocked thank go’s. There was no spray bottle in case they got aggressive with each other. The collars wouldn’t sync with remotes. Ans all I could think is I could be dead in this place for a few days.

So I spent time and drove and was terrified and didn’t even get an apology. I am sure they know the one is aggressive and

I should of read signs but when I met the one fella he was sleeping on my feet. I have not been that scared since I was mugged at gun point to my head.

I love all animals big and small and I know some dogs being rescues have issues but we all do. The fact that I was just dismissed concerns me not juat for myself but are the dogs getting the proper attention they need for whatever they have been through.

I am home and still in shock hence the post