I am gonna use today as my day off from working out!

I don’t do anything for Fourth of July. In 2008 I was traumatized because my dogs Buddha and Mai-Tai got loose out of a house. Don’t know how they got the window pushed open and tore the screen. I was at a hotel in Saratoga about 20 min from my friends parents house where the dogs were. My friends went to feed them as I was as slower getting ready for our Fay. They were afraid to call me.called me and told me my dogs got loose. I thought they had to be joking I freaked out and they were gonna come get me and we figure out what to do. I see my phone has ten missed messages. I listen to them both dogs were found. Buddha two neighborhoods away from my friends parents. Mai-Tai was three towns away rescued off the side of a main road. He bit them. Mai-Tai was a fear biter. So animal control came and got him.

My friends picked up Buddha and came and got me and e proceeded to where Mai-Tai at the holding place/vets. It was on the grounds of a prison. The police were telling me I couldn’t get him til that Monday and it was a Saturday. I told them I am not leaving without him. So I waited in the parking area. Scoping out the building where Mai-Tai was. I had already decided come night fall I was breaking in to get him. The windows had chicken wire I could of cut to get in. Then as I was making my plans the vet showed up and let us in. Gave me Mai-Tai they had me get him shots even though he was current it was procedure. I also donated 75 foe home coming in and giving me back my baby. Especially when he didn’t have to.

Mai-Tai looked like he had a blast my beige dog was grey like he rolled all through dirt and dust. Buddha and him probably had the time of their lives. I was however for we traumatized. We took him back to the hotel that didn’t allow pets in book bags. Gave them baths. But from that day forest night I had to sleep w a toe or a leg or an arm touching some part of them.

Fourth of July is the biggest drug driver night of the year. To have both my babies get loose in upstate New York in the woods with wild animals and both me back to me I was blessed I was so grateful to the universe for that. They were meant to be with me and they were brought back to me. Still don’t know how the heck they managed to get out.

From that fourth July on I always spend the night with my babies. I warn anyone who has pets keep them inside keep them safe and don’t assume they won’t get scared enough to break a window and tear a screen. I was lucky so lucky!

And if you love your pets the way I love mine don’t take chances! Just don’t!