I published my book of poems and my second book but I still think I have to go back and tweak it a bit.

I am not sure about the spacing. I am working on a boom with years of stories but that one will take time to finish.

I also have several smaller sets of stories I want to write and publish. So that’s me on the creative front.

Today’s workout was weights. Feel good day! Protein shake I. Early day and nice baked salmon.

Because of the heat I naturally drank tons of water.

So I hope some of you are getting in your workouts. Eating healthy or healthier! Don’t forget your water!

And on a side note : my prayers go to the families of the victims in the Miami Condo Collapse. It was very upsetting to watch because it was a flashback to 9/11. Just the shock the sadness and the devastation. I pray the victims human and pets souls find peace. 🙏🏼