I tried Texas but I just don’t think it’s me…

I moved to Texas thinking it would be less stress and more Spence to live. Yes to more space but there is so much difference that I find it exhausting to even deal with it. I was in anxiety meds for 14 years in New York. They worked. They don’t prescribe them in Texas. I was on ambien to sleep they don’t prescribe more then six a month. I am on the high end of the anxiety spectrum and I have a sleep disorder just like my dad did. Not to mention I was New York State insurance due to my cancer and ptsd. They don’t that here. So I have been off my meds for over a year and haven’t been able to get follow up care for my cancer.

I feel like I need to come back to New York. Maybe not as much space but New York has everything I need and want.

Oh yeah not to mention there is only one diner besides (Denny’s which isn’t a diner by any standards) and two bagel places within an hour of Houston!

So looks like I am on my last leg with it here.

So if you are from New York New Jersey or Connecticut I strongly recommend do not think of Tex’s! It’s cheaper it’s more spacious but everything else is no bueno!

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