I was thinking about my grandma. She passed away august 1017

My world turned upside down. My grandma was my rock. She believed in me that Cen when I doubted myself. Even when everyone else did too.

I can’t put in enough words what she meant to me. But I can say everything I do everything I think of her. My friends I grew up with knew how much I loved her, my family too.

When she died I bought a dog a few months later. I didn’t find out til I got him home he was born the day she was buried. Every-time I look at KoKo I know there is a reason for everything. He’s lovable and snuggly and I am so happy he’s in my life/ he wouldn’t be in my life if my grandmother didn’t pas away. Because I wouldn’t be looking for him. So w every night I kiss him and lobe him. I know he was a nut to me when I needed him most.

We all lose someone sometime. We all go through hard times. We have to see a light at the end of a tunnel. God always puts a light on when we are in the dark.