Today I stopped by my friend Joice’s home. Her family is blessed to be very talented with music vocally and instrumentally. As I was in the hallway before entering I heard such beautiful singing and guitar playing it filled me with joy. It wasn’t just the beautiful music but to know Joice her family and her friends were enjoying such pure happiness and joy during thanksgiving brought me such joy and happiness. We see so much In the news and see such chaos around us. That moment was all I needed to fill my soul knowing the peace and love that’s all around us. That is what makes life so special.

I felt like I was walking in on a movie set. But it was real life and real love, real joy. That moment made me thankful because I got to experience it for s moment snd it warmed my spirit. Love really is all around we just need to be open to it snd we see and experience it when we are least expecting it.