My take on gluten free lifestyle. This blog is based on my experience not knowing the scientific data and info on the subject.

I have always done low carb high protein diet. But I wanted to see if there was any take on gluten. And to my surprise there is validity to how my body react to it.

When I stopped gluten it made me feel less sluggish and less bloated (puffy).

Then after a few months of mostly gluten free I can say not all. I did notice when I consumed gluten and within 24 hrs I belt a bloat.

So for me I see a difference. Now I am not gonna say I will have a 100% gluten free lifestyle. But I see how it can affect my body and I feel better In general. So I will be aware of my gluten intake. I have to be honest sometimes if I have a craving for something then I have a craving. Simple as that!

Just a side note when gluten free products first started being main stream the cookies were horrible. It was like eating cardboard. Happily I can say I love Tate’s cookies gluten free. They are so good that I can’t believe they are gluten free! Yum !