I hope all of you have a happy Fourth of July. Please be safe. It is a fun holiday but biggest drunk driving night of the year.

I have a story about my two Shihtzus got loos in upstate New York while some friends and myself were in Saratoga. The dog was at my friends house in Clifton park New York.

So next am my two friends drove to feed my dogs and come back 20 min away. Then I got a phone call that my dogs weren’t there. I thought it was joke that was not funny.

Well they did get loose! On Fourth of July! In upstate New York where there are a lot of woods and other animals.

So I look at my phone and there are missed calls. Both dogs were found by two different people. Buddha trotted to two neighborhoods over. And a family w a dog let him stay the night and reached me. The family that found mai tai three towns over not neighborhoods towns. And mai tai is a fear biter so they called animal control. They put him in doggy jail that was on the property of a real prison. And it was the Fourth of July weekend. I was out of my mind we got Buddha and went to the jail and they saw I wasn’t leaving without my mai tai and the vet came in and gave me mai tai. We donated 75 to the shelter for letting me have my baby. Now the hotel we were R didn’t allow dogs but at that point they weren’t leaving my sight. They were filthy. For some reason I think that probably was their wildest not running around like lunatics.

But I am very lucky both my dogs got loose on the Fourth of July with all the highways and bi ways and woods and I still got them back. So I truly believe they were meant to come back to me. Thank god. But still years later I wake up in the middle of the night to check they are in bed with me.

So hug ur pets and your family and be safe when your having fun!!