For me the New Year brings hope…

Hope of happiness and health for everyone and hope to continue life with hope and faith. My grandmother passed away August 17, 2017 after falling in the spring. I loved her with all my heart. They say home is where the heart is and mine is broken. I have been writing again, modeling, taking photos. I know in my heart of hearts that I have to continue. My grandmother is one person who believed in me and knew that if I was ok with anything I did then that’s all that mattered. I beat to a different drum and that’s ok. That’s what makes life exciting. If we were all the same life wouldn’t be exciting and new! I know that I would not of done anything that I have done if I didn’t live with her and she taught me so much and all I can hope is that some how some way she is there she knows she is surrounding me with light and love knowing I will do the same for others. There are many people that influenced my life but not like my grandmother and I don’t any to lessen others in my life. I need to acknowledge that I always knew the day would come she wouldn’t be here and I she loved to 97 that’s a good long life and she was a great loving caring woman who deserves peace. But selfishly I miss her always and forever. All I can do now is rise up and make my accomplishments even better then when she was alive. She is with me now heart and soul. And for those of you who lost someone you love they are with you too. Make them proud. Feel their love. Feel their light!

Happy New Year! Let’s all make it a beautiful loving and great year for all mankind and of course animals! Plants and the earth!