So I have had tons of adventures experiences food and bad. Recently ,y grandmother passed away and it made me really start thinking about all the good and bad and great things throughout my life. Things I would love to share but how to begin. From childhood n it was always something. For me I hate drama but it seems it’s always dramatic in my life.  Ever since was a child it was so,etching. I am just trying to figure how to begin. From being pudgy and picked on. To hard time with family which is now much better. To loves and loves lost. To friends and friends lost. Ups and downs with life in general besides lol the great modeling  and traveling there is much more to share.  I am not sure to get a ghost writer? Find a publisher I don’t ant to write in circles. To be honest that is kind of what I always did in high school and college. If anyone has advice or know how I am welcome to hear it.