Farrah is amazing Colorist and stylist.  She has been doing my hair for over 14 years.  She not only does my funky style but she has an amazing talent for understanding where each of her clients wants to convey and present to the world.  She is great at relating to each individual’s personality.  Let me go back to the beginning of how I chose to go Farrah. Red is a hard color to keep bright especially with highlights.  I called the salon she was at during that time.  I heard it was good salon but I wanted to speak to the colorist because I am pain in the rear when it comes to my hair.  I questioned her and actually debated with her over reds.  I thought wow this girl is making me mad I have to meet her lol!  She was fisty and confident spoke direct. I can appreciate confidence and someone being upfront with me in a direct way.  So I said ” I want to meet you, and come in for a consult”.  So I did. I liked her she knew her colors and I went to Farrah for my hair. Then small world she knew people I knew and as time passed we became friends. She got married has two beautiful children and has flourished.  She went to another salon and then decided to go off on her own.  She had her own space at Solas in White Plains, New York.  As she flourished she just moved recently to a beautiful location in Upscale Dobbs Ferry, New York. I had the pleasure of being there the other day.  A beautiful Salon looking over the Hudson River.  I am so happy and proud of Farrah.  As a friend and client I have to say she’s an excellent colorist and stylist for all types of styles and personalitys. 

I highly recommend going to her.  For those who want to refresh their look or maintain what they have.  She has a golden personality and a way with making everyone satisfied and happy!  Below are photos where of course my hair is cut and colored by Farrah Santelia.

Embrace U Salon,  27 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, New York 

Online booking : http://www.vagaro.com



She also will have someone for lashes.

She also does airbrush tanning.