I love you. When my father was in hospice I needed something to keep me sane. I am a total type “A” personality and anyone know me knowhatout me. I am happy that way. The emotions I was dealing with were intense and I have always been able to keep that under hVe and de wit on my own. But this was my dad the decisions  with his care were my responsibility. I  I was also on pain medication from a car accident for a very long time. And his many of you know a lot of doctors these days keep you on these medications for way too long so I took it upon myself to the side that yoga would be good for me physically and mentally he for my body and my mind.

I loved it it was something amazing I never thought I would love it. So many of my friends loved it and suggested it to me for several years I resisted because I just didn’t think it was something I could sit and be OK with my wanted to move I wanted to do I wanted to be active.

After my dad passed and I went back downstate towards the city I decided to take some yoga classes I loved it. I took myself off of the pain medication because amazingly yoga really does work at relieving your pain I feel that in the future many people should try yoga instead of pain medication. Shortly after I decided to get certified as a yoga teacher.

With yoga your always learning it’s not just get certified and you done. You reach new insights, enlightmentments, and “ah hah” moments. This week I was injured  and I was tough on myself I was upset because I couldn’t do yoga because I hurt my hand and my foot.  Mentally I feel guilty I felt like I was letting myself down I was punishing myself and then I realized tonight when I came home from the hospital that it’s a process and I have to except that sometimes there are bumps in the road.  We are all human things happen life happens and today I learned I can’t be hard on myself it’s OK when things happen and it slows you down maybe there’s a reason and a purpose a lesson to be learned.

I’m not saying it doesn’t bother me but I am saying I except it and I’m trying not to punish myself for an accident that happened and injury and hopefully spiritually and mentally I’m going to grow from this experience.  The reason I’m saying this is I’m sure I’m not alone we are our own worst enemy and our mind can really jugver and over hen tree is nothing we can do about the situation. Go easy on yourself we are all human we are all in the human race so I guess I’m just telling this story in case one of you is being hard on yourself. Ou are not alone and it’s OK go at your pace and be happy. Know you’re trying and know that things happen for a reason. Namaste!