I don’t even know where to begin. I n the fall I was volunteering for an after school program with Peggy a fellow oga teacher. I do not have children. I would love to unfortunately my lov diis d tragically in a car accident in 2000. It doesn’t mean i gave up I just want that sparkle. Yes it am a romantic. Even tough I have that tough exterior,but that probably due to being in the entertainment industry for so many years. You have  to have thick skin to survive. If you don’t it will eat up and spit  you out.

 Teaching this kids after school brought me such joy and love filling me to the rim  I miss it so much.  We were supposed to start after the winter break but never did. I am hoping to find somewhere to do this again soon. So any of you reading this tha may know of volunteer work yoga preferred but any help I like and would enjoy. I also love the elderly. The have seen so much experienced so much. Real history that in today’s modern age I feel sorry for the kids tha don’t get these Dillon enjoy,ENT and dep routed inspiration and soul of so much. So I would love to help the elderly again yoga or other things as wel.  I am based  in the Westchester county New York area please let me. Would love any reponsEs.

On the same subject a teacher a nurse and myself I hold a few degrees but an important is psychology and o starts my masters in child psychology.i am not originally from the area so I am not sure where to start or names of programs. We would love r set up yoga classes at ymca/ywcas to teach the kids and teens yoga. Fm adults.

But we are trying to figure out what federal. State, and local associations we can contact I regards to grants, we want o create a yoga studio, meditation center, and a place where they can sit and do their homework of just be.  We want to stay open until 8:30-9 pm for this that may have a rough home life it would be better in s positive enviornment where we care then have them on the streets. The places we are looking to do this is downtown yonkers and mount Vernon so if. Anyone has any advice website or feedback please contact me. I have seen in a difference in the time the kids came aterachhpol. If we don’t start doing something to help with violence, hate, and bullying the future generations well it’s gonna be a sad outcome.  I am also looking to find out if Westchester had community gardens etc.   we are a huge ur an area but it takes a little bit of love and hope and faith and we can save our planet our humanity and our souls. Join me in this crusade.
Yours truly Kelly Kahian