St. Tropez Gradual Tan Products

I worked in cosmetics and skin care for years and one thing that was always a product that was a hard to find that was good.  Self Tanning products! Those of you who have tried many different types the expensive ones the cheap ones. The lines from the stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and the biggest problem streaking and turning orange.  Of course my biggest issue was no matter how much i cleaned my hands and in-between fingers there was orange in between and my palms were discolored.  YUCK!

Well  I am kind of hooked on one found it and love it!  I bought the self tan bronzing spray! Amazing!  First you spray it which I definitely liked and the test after washing my hands because of course I rubbed it in a bit.  It didn’t stay on my hands that I was thrilled about.  I noticed it right away and it smells delicious.

Then in one of my gift boxes I get I received the new gradual tan for the shower.  I am on my third day using it so far I am impressed.  Now you have to stand there for three minutes or more so I wait to get my conditioner in my hair and then I apply it to my body.  And do rinse my hand under the water just for safety because like I said thats always been an issue.

I think the combination of the two is great!

Now of course going to the website I found the dry oil for face and body!  Thats my next try because that looks enticing to me.

Well for those of you who have tried many self tanners and like me have been disappointed I would suggest St. Tropez Self Tanning Products.

I would love to hear any responses to any who have tried it?