Kelly Kahian Order Page!

I have tried various thermogenic products and  I can say I just started using my Thermo Fit and So far so good. I like the ingredients. A lot of people don’t pay attention to ingredients because they are more into a quick fix. I like the Cayenne Pepper in Thermo Fit.  Cayenne Pepper as a spice to cook with or with other diets is a common ingredient.  It is one that well most know increases that body temperature.  Research has shown thermogenic increase your calorie burn during a workout. In loose terminology it basically heats the body and helps you burn the fat a bit more because your core temp increases and in turn you burn more calories.

This is my rule of thumb from experience to have a something to eat before taking the Thermo-Fit.  I would also ease into maybe one pill a day see how you feel then you can do up the dose according to the directions on the bottle.

I am doing this right now b/c I just got over a bug that went around most of my friends. Those darn bugs! …. (not real bugs ha ha .. tummy bug lol.. my strange humor)

Follow the directions of course on the bottle. I just like to personally share my experience with the products. I am not just a distributor. I am someone that is into health and taking care of myself.

I went through a lot of things over the last several years death, car accident, injuries etc.  So I lost my way with maintaining my regimen.  I am so happy to have found It Works!  We care because we are using our products we are just like you wanting to be healthy and feel good and enjoy life. I think is the basic human condition and what all want!

I am hear to answer your questions and motivate you!  Working together at a peaceful, healthy, loving world together is a bond a connection something that brings us together as a common community.

So please post any questions here and and any comments on your experience with It Works.