I have said my “thanks you” prayers every day for a long time.  I’m have read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  I have actually read all her books.  The funny thing is that’s the way I always lived my life.  But just like most people life happened.  I had good times, great times, dark times, and sad times. But me reading her books slowly put me back on my path.  I kid you not,  I still had a long way to go.   Recently,  I decided to buy her gratitude book. Now you can do our own gratitude journal from a regular notebook but I wanted to dive in . And every night before I go to bed I write down what I am grateful for and why and how I am grateful for future gratitudes as if they are now. I feel more positive some evenings by a little . Other evenings by such comfort I feel renewed  again.  The power of our minds is such a subject that can not be simply analyzed or read.  But the suggestion of positive reinforcement and thanking the universe for the small things we take for granted not only makes us appreciate our life and our experience but it makes us see how much there is too be grateful for! So. Continue this journey and I welcome you too! Positive attracts positive let’s leave our crap at the door and all find positive! It can’t hurt its a group effort!