Anyone who knows me knows I am a gadget girl.  I love my fitness trackers, my smart phones, computers and surround sound.

I can go on and on.  But before texting even became popular I started to notice when friends came over or if we were all out together someone would be looking at their phone doing this thing called “texting”.

This is before the smart phone and I know … I know hard to imagine not having a “smart phone”  which is a small computer when it comes down to it.  Once society was exposed to this invention social media sites of course were already a buzz and now they were zooming!

Many people including myself go on social media and things move a lot faster in an already fast paced world.  But we lost something in the middle of all this progress and I am sure I am not the only one that sees it or at least thinks it.  I am not a dinosaur but I have to say people have lost their way of connecting to the human race, the human condition.  People 25 and under grew up knowing this way of life.  And as a society we still don’t know the long term repercussions of a society brought up on high technology without the interaction on a personal level with each other. People voice their opinions, their food, their arguments, their feelings all over for the world to see. This can be a great outlet but it can also be a lonely place and a cruel place where bullying takes place.  I am glad I didn’t go to school with all this technology who knows what I would have dealt with. For me school was not the best place I didn’t fit in. I didn’t mind because I knew there was a whole world out there. But what does the new generation think because everything is so close together.  It almost feels like that whole world out there is right around the block.

Now to get to the point of Enjoying the Moment and Mindfulness.  When texting was becoming quite popular and I felt my friends were being a bit rude.. They were my friends so I would say “Can we please not have electronics while we visit”  And of course I would explain that while they were looking down at their phone they were missing the atmosphere of wherever we were or the funny tv show we were supposed to be watching.  Basically they were being half present.  Not in the moment.

Now the phrase “Be Mindful”  as it were used when I grew up.. Which by the way was more a respect statement from my elders.  There are 100’s books out about “Mindfulness”  which in all essence states “being in the moment”.

So while reading one of many books of Buddhism even Buddha himself said “Being Present” “Right-minded”. Being mindful is nothing new its something thats been around hundreds of years. But with todays society the way it is  we as a human race as a society need to be more “mindful”  at try to influence our friends and family to be to.. I don’t want to miss moments in life they are precious and they are quick and fleeting.  So now that I have shared my daily thoughts off i go!!!

A great book that I am currently reading is “Buddha’s Book of Meditation” by Joseph Emet

Forward by Thich Nhat Hanh