I have always loved my Greens but I lost my way and found my way back again.  but to an even better company ITWORKS!

from flab to fab

Kelly Kahian Distributor It Works Page

I always did greens with my gal pal Andrea Shrem.  And of course sometimes we can lose our way in more than one direction. I have recently gotten my certification in yoga 200 HR RYT.  I am looking forward of course to furthering my training. I also know how important it is to stay healthy or eventually your train runs out of gas!  And greens is a healthy way to do ur. How many of us have or even remember to get our vital nutrients?   Even with the best intent!

Not only do I love It Works Greens b/c they taste good so you don’t put off it drinking the product.   You are getting that nutrition that so many of us in this rat race called life that we neglect  to get to get what we need.

Check out my page for inquiries about the products.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

During Reasonable business Hours and I am on the East Coast so please be aware of time change!  I constantly remind myself so I figure I am not the only one that forgets time change!  lol

Stay Healthy Happy and Smile at  a Stranger you might just give them the happiness that everyone yearns for with that kind gesture!


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