Booda Organics

I received this product in one of my monthly boxes. I loved the Booda Butter in a Tin! It was great to use on my elbows, knees,and feet. I live in the North East and it does get quite dry especially with the heat in the winter. New York apartments definitely if you live in New York your shaking your head yes right now!

I also have for years put lotion on my feet at night and then a pair socks to moisturize and make them silky smooth for morning. I tried this with the Booda Organics and it worked fabulously.

I don’t have “dry dry feet”  i take care of my feet I am definitely a girlie girlie with a tom boy upbringing. I know I am an enigma. lol.

But for those that I know some have Barney Rubble Feet and I Definitely recommend it for them! and If you do I recommend it for you too!

Booda Butter – In a Tin!
100% Pure Daily Moisturizer
Our truly all-purpose body butter made by hand with ingredients found ONLY in nature… With over 50 ways to use, you are guaranteed to fall in love!
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil (*Organic)