Himalya Mat

I recently purchased this mat.  I have never been one for acupuncture. I am uncomfortable with needles at a doctors office let along getting them voluntarily used on me.  But  I stumbled upon this site one day.  I ordered it and I love it.

They suggest using it for ten minutes and slowly increasing it’s use.  That is what I was going to do. But then I leaned back on it and loved it. I could feel it loosening something in back near my shoulder blades. It was like all this pressure was being slowly released. And I have a bad neck and it just felt amazing. I ended up sitting on it for hours.

I think each person is probably different and I would follow the companies directions but I see why so many Swedes use it.  Although one thing to note I did sit on it with shorts on and it felt a bit prickly.  Also, I would not recommend sitting, laying, or using it  quickly. on it.  It was a bit startling when I mindlessly put my body on it.