Reading this book was not only a great way to get me back to the way I was years ago before my car accident be reaffirm a lot of things I already believed. I never realized I was a yogi years ago in the way I lived life. I resisted yoga for so many years bc I saw as something wasn’t for me. Then when my dad was in the hospital dying I started doing yoga almost two years ago now and it’s the one thing that helped me through a horrible time in my life. It kept me sane and calm and grateful when I felt like everything was chaos. Now doing the teacher training I realize my purpose ia to help those maybe going thru something like my sad time or other obstacles in their life. It’s a great supporting community and somehow we all find each other and are very supportive. Thinking of that today as I drive up north for my sister in laws baby shower I am grateful for everything that has brought to this point now. Namaste ! And thank you!