I have to accept I can’t please everyone.my father would be 66 today. M parents. Any of been divorced 30 years but I have memories of my parents. And those are mine to cherish. I find that I had a complaint about playing my parents old wedding photo. I had no intent t harm or hurt anyone those Re my memories and if I wNt to shRe them I don’t feel I am doing anything wrong. He passed adult almost two years ago in March this is the scone holiday and his second birthday he is gone. I can’t get him back. But I have memories. I don’t think I should be scolded or judged bc those Re my happy memories.and what bums me out is that I hVe to accept that not everyone thinks like I do. Not everyone has the compassion or deepens inside them as I do. My father and I didn’t talk for almost ten years. I was given a chance by the universe to be fought together and spend his last three years with him. He was not only my dad but he was y friend. And I just sent light and warmth to those who judge and criticize. I wish no harm or I’ll will but compassion and sympathy for the darkness they carry inside of them to have to not see the loving place I am coming from. Not see that I lost someone and let me noir and respect that. I just hope that there is warmth and love to whoever reads this and they think of their loved ones here and know how blessed you truly are. And those who have lost loved he’s I send u love and light to you with compassion and sympathy.

Thanks for listening