Taoist Roots to Female Health and Sexual benefits

Taoism come from China’s heritage and traditions incorporating Buddhism, Confucianism, ancient folk’s belief and Shamanism. The Taoists had a core purpose: They sought immortality and immunity from disease of all kinds. The beneficial side effects resulted in intense pleasure and spiritualization of the body.  Like alchemists, they sought out the secrets of transmutation. For example like  the tranformation of lead into gold, the Taoist alchemists were intensely interested in  transforming living flesh into immortal essence.

The ancient secrets lies largely from drawing sexual energy.  The idea is that it aims bring the  body to such an elevated state of vitality that it is invulnerable to invasion of disease.  Many modalities and practices evolved from this belief system to maintain internal balance and harmony at all levels such as Chi Nei Tsang (Internal organ balancing and applied Chi Kung), and for women; the Jade Egg Exercises.  So, embracing  wellness and…

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