Don’t feel ashamed of your anxiety. I used to. I don’t know how got anxiety or how it happened or when. I only knew when it was to the point where it was hard to function. Try everyday one positive thing to make you feel like you overcame I/1000 of your anxiety. And do it every day. Some days are harder then others. I do this and sometimes my days are hard. But there are people out here the world that do understand and have compassion and empathy. Forget the people that don’t understand they never will and it’s not your job to explain. They are ignorant. Just always know they is a kind smile and face everywhere in a crowd!

The Persistent Platypus

The outside world is full of joy and peace,
But my inner self in constricting with pressure that won’t release.
No one can see the terrifying anxiety that each day I must face,
I feel I must keep it hidden so I don’t become a disgrace.
When the fear strikes and the whirling thoughts take hold,
I try to to fight back with the truth I’ve been told.
My imperfections make me completely perfect,
And there is no part of me that has a single defect!
I finally accept this anxiety will forever be part of who I am,
But I have found comfort and peace because from the Lamb.
I am no longer afraid to fight this war,
Because anxiety can’t hurt me anymore!

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