I suffer from extreme anxiety. Sometimes I wonder if I had it and didn’t know: If I had some event in the city I would go in make my appearance stay the proper amount of time and come home. But that was years ago for the last 6 years I go thru phases where I can’t even go outside bc of my anxiety. Most of my friends thought it was them took it personally. Thought j was lazy you name it they thought. Which didn’t help the anxiety It only made it worse. I went four months after the first xmas after my dad passed with hardly leaving my house and when I did I went did errands came home. People aren’t empathic and they don understand he horror or what we go they we know it’s wrong we know it’s silly we want o get over it but the more we are pushed we get worse. I have been on medication for three months it’s working well but I constantly get scared they will think I am better and back to hibernation. So I just have hope and faith I will slowly find me again I am trying everyday. So my heart and compassion are truly w you.

The Persistent Platypus

I often write about the positive changes and healing that has taken place in my life over the past few months, but tonight I want to talk about a true struggle with my anxiety I experienced today. My anxiety medication prescription (I still have a difficult time admitting to taking these, but I thank you all for being so supportive about it) had run out and I had forgotten to pick it up last night. I figured I could pick it up before school started but when I got to the pharmacy their IT system was down and they were unable to fill prescriptions until it was fixed. With tears of frustration in my eyes, I drove to work and tried to keep positive mindset. What was interesting was that I did not have anxiety, yet I was anticipating that I would get it later in the day and be…

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