Charles Bukowski

This poem resonated for me and says it all:

no help for that

there is a place in the heart that

will never be filled

a space

and even during the

best moments


the greatest


we will know it

we will know it

more than


there is a place in the heart that

will never be filled


we will wait



in that


Up late again.

Ugh well I finished putting packing items away today. And the chilly air is gone so back to gym tmrw. I can’t wait to start shopping models as well as shooting again. I feel as if I have the burst of energy that hasn’t been there in a while with all that I have dealt with. I am so happy my passion is still here it is a part of me. It is who I am!!

So those I worked with please hit me up you know the proper contact info!

Here we go 2018!!!!

New York Burrrr

Ok now there is cold and there is cold but this is beyond! It’s like we are supposed to be polar bears or penguins! 🐵

I still love the crisp beautiful clean that cold winter brings. As cold as it is outside it reminds me of how beautiful and new things can be.

I am not saying I like the cold but I can appreciate it.