Westchester County, New York

Bio: I have been in entertainment industry, beauty industry, cosmetic, photography, and now certified in Laser Hair Reduction from NSI in Scottsdale Arizona. I am also certified in Chemical Peels. I am currently have my RYT 200 HR Yoga Certification from Yoga Haven in Scarsdale, New York. I was also was certified 11/2015 In Barre Yoga and Glide Board workouts. And currently I am studying for Personal Trainers License. I have An AA from Hudson Valley Community College with focus on computers and theatre. I have Double Major Bachelors Degree for Psychology and Marketing. I am outgoing and yet still shy. I am an upfront person and I believe all humans deserve respect and love. I think we are all different and I respect that about each other. I enjoy bringing out the good in people and making them feel good out about themselves. I had a hard childhood and teenage years fitting in and can empathize with children and teen easily. I was raised by my grandmother so I have a love and respect for the elderly. I have a lot of friends that are in one form of recovery or another so I understand that plight. I want to make a difference and I may not be great at showing my emotions all the time but but when it comes to empathy and compassion I have tons. I owned my own model / promotional agency at age 21. I was a silent partner in a printing company in NYC for 3 years. I have published two books. I have always written poetry. Done vocals for various dance music Done Radio and spokesperson for several different companies. I have been a spiritual person since I was very young. During the time that my father was passing. I discovered Yoga. I never realized how much it coincided with my way of life. It grounded and centered me. It opened me to a community of great people, opportunity, and friends. I was certified in Laser Hair Removal In Scottsdale, Arizona. I not only want to make people feel good spiritually but on the outside as well. I also do photography and makeup.

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